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The sooner an experienced criminal defense attorney gets involved on a case, the more of an impact they could have on getting a case dismissed or reduced. In addition, as a former prosecutor I understand the criminal justice system and will vigorously work in the defense of your rights and your family’s rights.


Being charged with any crime is an intimidating and stressful experience. It is extremely important that you understand the legal rights that are at stake and the possible consequences which will come with every decision.


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DUI charges in Florida happen frequently and can happen to almost anyone who drinks any alcohol and drives. A DUI is an extremely subjective, opinionated charge, which places heavy weight on the officer’s opinion. This can result in a person, who had 1 or 2 drinks while out to dinner, getting arrested for DUI, based on 1 officer’s opinion. When you couple the subjective opinions of a DUI, the complex legal nature of a DUI, and the potential impact that a DUI would have on....

Drug Possession


Drug possession crimes will result in misdemeanor or felony charges depending on the type and quantity of the drugs. Different forms of possession carry different penalties. For example, possession of a small quantity of marijuana is a misdemeanor, whereas possession of a large quantity of marijuana with intent to sell or distribute will qualify as a felony charge. These charges carry large fines and significant jail time. Additionally, a background check that reveals a drug ....

Domestic Violence


Domestic Violence is a public and sometimes abused charge. It often happens behind closed doors with no witnesses other than the victim and the accused. An arrest typically follows a 911 call with officers showing up and the desire to quickly quell the disturbance, which often happens with an arrest. Victims sometimes feel pressured by law enforcement to press charges, which can lead to an arrest that no one wanted. Victims sometimes also exaggerate claims, and sadly sometime....

Tourist Crimes


If a recent vacation to Florida resulted in a bad situation that has now led to criminal charges, then call the Law Office of Florida criminal defense attorney Terrance R. Rooth, P.A. today! We understand the unique needs of our out-of-area (and even out-of-state) clients. We also understand how different laws, confusing traffic signs, or hectic situations can result in a misunderstanding between tourists and the local law enforcement. Don’t let a simple mistake become a bi....

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