Petit Theft – Shoplifting

stock-photo-15966608-stealing-purse-from-the-bagIn general, “petit theft” charges cover all thefts and attempted thefts of goods or services valued at less than $300. However, if the accused is a repeat offender the charges may be altered to reflect their criminal record and may be elevated to more serious Misdemeanor and Felony theft charges.


In most cases, shoplifting (also frequently referred to as “retail theft”) falls under the category of petit theft. While most petit thefts only qualify as misdemeanors, a petit theft conviction still bears serious penalties. For petit thefts of less than $100, the defendant may receive a fine of up to $500 and/or 60days in jail. For petit thefts of more than $100 but less than $300, the maximum fine and jail time are increased to $1000 and a year in jail. As Petit Theft is an enhanceable crime, any prior theft convictions will increase the severity of the charges and their associated penalties. In addition to the above penalties, a suspension of a driver’s license is also a possibility.


If this is your first offense, then an criminal defense attorney like Terrance R. Rooth may be able to get your charges and penalties reduced, possibly dismissed. If this is a repeat offense, then it is even more pertinent that you acquire legal representation immediately so as to avoid felony charges, large fines, or an extended jail sentence. When you call the Law Office of Terrance R. Rooth, P.A., your first consultation is entirely free. We will discuss your case details and possible methods of defense, as well as your options in and out of court.


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