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Orlando Tourist Crimes Defense AttorneyIf a recent vacation to Florida resulted in a bad situation that has now led to criminal charges, then call the Law Office of Florida criminal defense attorney Terrance R. Rooth, P.A. today! We understand the unique needs of our out-of-area (and even out-of-state) clients. We also understand how different laws, confusing traffic signs, or hectic situations can result in a misunderstanding between tourists and the local law enforcement. Don’t let a simple mistake become a bigger issue by trying to tackle these charges alone.


It is not uncommon for people unfamiliar with the area to accidentally put themselves in a bad situation. We have successfully defended many clients with tourist crime cases, including more common charges like: disorderly conduct, shoplifting, reckless driving, DUI, resisting arrest, or indecent exposure. We have also defended clients with more serious charges like: drug possession, drug trafficking, assault or battery.


Don’t let your out-of-state affect the outcome of your Florida case. By acquiring strong legal representation that is also local, you ensure that your attorney is familiar with your charges, their associated penalties, and all available methods of defense. As a former prosecutor with the Florida State Attorney’s Office in the 18th Judicial Circuit, you can rest assured that criminal defense attorney Terrance R. Rooth also understands the local Court rules and is familiar with the local Judiciary.


Many people charged with tourist crimes simply return to their place of residence and let the criminal process take its own course without any influence or input on there behalf. Left unanswered, criminal charges will typically result in a warrant for an arrest, which will most likely show up in every states record search. Don’t let a silly mistake ruin your vacation or your life.


We understand that most people do not want to come back to Florida for Court, and are often successful in resolving cases without having the person required to return. Take action now by calling the Law Office of Terrance R. Rooth, P.A., for a personal, confidential, and totally free consultation. We will begin the defense process here in Florida immediately, so that you can rest easy at home.

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